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Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is a medical condition caused by the heart not beating.  Annually nearly 300,000 individuals collapse from sudden cardiac arrest.  With effective bystander Cardiovascular Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) provided immediately after sudden cardiac arrest, can double; even triple a victim’s chance of survival.  Unfortunately, less than 30 percent of cardiac arrest victims receive CPR from a bystander. With over 80 percent of SCA occurring at home, you have the chance to give your loved ones the chance of survival.

In 2010 American Heart Association published a report showing hands-only CPR (CPR with just chest compressions) was proven to be as effective, as traditional CPR in treating sudden cardiac arrest victims.

Recently, American Heart Association began a program to award communities that improved identification and survival of a sudden cardiac arrest.  The designation of HEARTsafe Communities was coined.  A HEARTsafe community is where all elements of the Chain of Survival are in place and there is a focus on improving bystander CPR, thereby increasing the chances that anyone suffering a cardiovascular emergency will have the best possible chance for survival.

The PUSH FOR LIFE campaign is Bennington Rescue Squad first step towards creating Vermont’s first HEARTsafe Community.  The community of Bennington and the surrounding towns are asked to join in making our area a safer place to live, work and play.

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HEARTSafe Community Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my community be a designated heart safe community?

This designation will make the community a safer place to live, work and play by actively working to reduce the number of death and disabilities associated with Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

How long is the HEART Safe designation valid?

The designation is valid for two years. At that time a renewal application can be submitted to continue the designation.

Will an AED always resuscitate someone in Cardiac Arrest?

The AED will look at the electrical activity of the heart. If the electrical activity is “chaotic” and needs a “restart” the unit will charge and be ready to shock. If someone is in cardiac arrest and the AED does not indicate a shock is needed, CPR should be initiated immediately.

Is the AED safe to use?

Absolutely! An AED is safe to use by anyone. If you can turn it on, you can use it. They are designed with multiple safeguards and warnings. However you should receive by attending a CPR class with AED instruction or a specific unit training if there is an AED at a site you frequent.

Can anyone buy an AED?

Yes. However AEDs are manufactured and sold under guidelines approved by the FDA. Current FDA rules require a physician’s prescription to purchase most AED’s.

How much does an AED cost?

There are a variety of brands and models available for purchase. Some are designed more specifically for medical providers and are higher prices, but many are designed to be used by the general public. Public access defibrillators can cost approximately $1400- $2200 depending on the model chosen.

Contacting your local EMS agency can help you with the process of reviewing the various AEDs and may have resources to help financially.

What do you get for becoming a HEART Safe Community?

In addition to a healthier community that is better able to respond quickly and effectively to cardiac emergencies and save lives, communities that attain the Heart Safe Community designation will receive public recognition. An award designating the town as a HEART Safe Community will be presented at a public celebration. Additionally, the community will have access to public service announcements and media releases, certificates for posting in public areas.