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Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)



Upon successful completion of this course the student will be eligible to take the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) exam required for Vermont EMT certification. This course meets all the educational requirements as required by the Vermont Office of EMS. This course will:

  1. Prepare EMTs for practice in a variety of health care settings (employment and volunteer).
  2. Provide students with a strong basic curriculum to meet certification requirements.
  3. Provide students with the foundation for advancement within the pre-hospital care profession.


Class Schedule: This class begins January 3, 2018 and concludes February 9, 2018. Class takes place on scheduled weekdays, typically for six to eight hours each scheduled day during business hours (9AM-5PM).  All class sessions must be attended.

Class Location: 120 McKinley Street, Bennington, VT 05201 – Phone: 802-442-5817

Office Hours: Each classroom/lab session will have dedicated question and answer time to review or clarify course materials. Additional scheduled remote or in-person office hours will be scheduled by the primary instructor/coordinator based on program progression.


The fee for this course is $800.00. Bennington Rescue plans several aspects of its courses around the number of people registered. A down payment of at least 50% of the tuition is required to reserve a seat in the course. Payment in full must be made by the end of the second class session. Failure to pay tuition will result in dismissal from the program. We have established the following policy regarding cancellations:

  • Cancellations made 30 or more days prior to the start of class will be issued a refund minus a $50.00 administrative fee.
  • Cancellations made within 30 days but at least 2 business days prior to the start of the class will be issued a refund minus a $200.00 administrative fee.
  • No refunds will occur after two business days before the start of the course.

The fees for the course will cover:

  • Course Tuition including Clinical Experience
  • Textbook
  • EMT Class polo shirt (with student markings)
  • Blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, and pen light



  • 18 Years of age by the time of course completion
  • Physical or letter from Primary Care Physician (PCP) that states that student is physically fit for the expectations of the course
  • No criminal convictions or history that would preclude the applicant from licensure or certification
  • Medical Screening Certification – Bennington Rescue Form required:
    • Proof of Hepatitis B Vaccine or signed letter declining vaccine
    • Current PPD (aka TB Test) Purified Protein Derivative
    • Proof of vaccination or current titer:
      • Rubeola
      • Rubella
      • Mumps
      • Varicella HX (Chicken Pox)
      • TDAP (Tetanus, Diphtheria,  and Pertussis)
    • Seasonal Flu Shot


It is up to you to quickly evaluate whether the rigors of this course and expectations will allow for your academic success. If you wish to drop this course, please inform the instructor. If you fail to attend or complete any portion of the course in the first two weeks, it will be assumed that you are dropping the class.

There are three components to the course:

  1. The online, interactive didactic lecture portion and assigned homework
  2. The classroom lecture portion and skills labs, and
  3. The clinical experience comprised of emergency department and ride along field experiences.

All three components must be completed to get an EMT course completion certificate.

As a hybrid course, the student must complete all assigned didactic materials through the Jones & Bartlett Navigate 2 system. This requires the student to be self-motivated and timely in completing all assigned reading and online modules. Assigned chapters and online assignments must be completed prior to the Monday classroom sessions. Failure to complete any assigned coursework within one week of the assigned due date, unless previously approved by the primary instructor/coordinator, will result in termination from the program.

Class attendance is one of our program’s highest priorities. Students are expected to attend all class sessions. When an absence or tardy is going to occur, contact the instructor (text or email) to inform them prior to class. If you do not email or text you will receive an unexcused absence. All unexcused instances require an immediate student-instructor conference to continue in the EMT Program.

No more than 4 hours of instruction can be missed to get a Course Completion Certificate. 3 tardies or leaving class early (any length of time) will be assessed as a full absence regardless if they are excused. You will not be allowed to ‘come late’ or ‘leave early’ to cover a shift. Plan with your agency to accommodate the requirements of this program in advance. You will not be allowed to attend this course while ‘on duty’, meaning that you may have to leave unexpectedly during the class.

Every class session students are required to sign the roster to get attendance credit. If you forget to sign the roster you will be given an absence for that session even if the instructor saw you. If you are late (any time after the start of class) or leave early, record “in” or “out” times on the roster.

If a student is ill and unable to complete online coursework, attend a class, or some emergency occurs resulting in a missed session, the student is still responsible for all the material covered. Classroom and simulation days are considered class days. These should be considered normal class days and you should plan to arrive on time and stay for the duration.

In the clinical experience, you will be assigned to a Southwestern Vermont Medical Center nurse and/or Bennington Rescue duty crew to observe and participate in practicing EMT assessments and skills. Students must achieve all requirements of the EMT clinical experience for that component to count. If the student is unable to get the requisite skills, they may have to participate in additional shifts.


  1. Complete the Course Application and email to
  2. Payment via Eventbrite     College students contact for discount details


If you have any questions please email: